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Guard Rails/Safety Barriers

Workplaces in every industry are high activity places with manufacturing machinery, motorized vehicles and factory personnel all moving at their own pace. Safe operation that protects workers and equipment to prevent injury and down-time is critical.

New ultra-high strength guard rails from A-Safe are fabricated from a patented MemeplexTM polymer that absorbs impact and has built-in memory for full recovery of its original contours. Each energy-absorbing rail is comprised of a tough inner strengthening core, a central impact absorption layer and outer UV-stabilized self-color layer. The product requires minimal maintenance and no painting, even in corrosive environments.

Fully modular A-Safe guard rails can be assembled to meet the custom requirements of any facility…from single rail, ground level pedestrian and traffic guardrails to double, triple and even high level (seven-rail) designs. Also available are swing gates, column guards, bollards and pallet rack end-guards.

ASRS is available to help its customers optimize safety using the advanced A-Safe guards!

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