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Automobile Manufacturing

Auto assembly plants and their Tier One/Tier Two suppliers are a major and growing market for automated storage and retrieval systems as they seek to optimize space usage, improve part picking accuracy and inventory control, control labor costs and increase productivity as well as efficiency.

Hänel Lean-Lift® vertical systems and Rotomat® vertical carousels are ideal additions to manufacturing facilities seeking a central storage point for hardware, parts, vehicle components and tools. The vertical lifts are compact and designed to hold thousands of items of all sizes. Multifunctional carriers tailored to maximum compaction of the storage volume. Part retrieval speed supports streamlined manufacturing, assembly and the requirements of each project ensure shipping to dealers and repair facilities worldwide.


  • Sequential part storage/retrieval 
  • JIT delivery 
  • Minimal footprint 

Lean-Lift® and Rotomat® Carousels for Automobile Manufacturing Store

  • Tools and fasteners 
  • Manufacturing/repair parts 
  • Engine modules and components 
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