Hänel Storage Systems

Hänel Systems Integration

Intralogistics to ensure operational efficiency

Coordinating receipt, storage, retrieval and shipping of goods by integrating automated material handling systems using conveyor, carts/trolleys, sorting equipment and racks streamlines operations. As a result, manufacturers, hospitals and distributors can save time, cut labor and handling costs, reduce inventories and improve customer service.

The key to a fully unified process is a clear plan for facility requirements backed by a comprehensive purchasing plan, installation, testing, commissioning and support. Typical options to extend the functionality of Hänel Lean-Lift® and Rotomat® carousels include supplementary software modules that control barcode scanning, voice controls, inventory stock checking, adjustable container speed and more.


Timely handling 

Coordinated equipment streamlines all aspects of the part handling process.


With the precision scanning, item location and retrieval accuracy, errors are reduced and time saved.

Inventory control

Facilities management has a reliable tool for monitoring all aspects of material handling.


The addition of added conveyor, carts/AGVs, shelving and other static storage equipment protects parts from damage during movement to production, assembly and shipping.

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