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Rotomat® Storage Carousels

Space saving storage adapted to your needs

Hanel’s vertical carousel technology provides maximum storage volume in a minimum space for fast, labor-saving operations. The Rotomat® works on the same design principle as a Ferris wheel so that stored items are delivered directly to the operator at ergonomically located access points. Several people can operate multiple carousels and process jobs simultaneously with ultra-rapid retrieval times and precision accuracy.

Contributing to rapid parts access are the carrier set configurations established specifically for the size and weight of the goods to be stored. This ensures that parts of all sizes can be efficiently in a minimal amount of space within the carousel. Versatile Rotomat® carousels are also easy expand, combine and reconfigure as storage needs and products change.

As with all advanced Hänel automated storage systems, Rotomat® vertical storage carousels are equipped with powerful microprocessor-based controllers that can be integrated to perform with other company computers and peripheral devices.

Product Benefits

Product Details

Optimize space usage

There are no height limits on Rotomat® carousels…other than building height! Access points can be placed on multiple floors for fast retrieval. The compact design of the equipment can increase storage capacity by up to 60%.

Versatile and Adaptable

Multifunction carriers with variable interior fittings offer virtually limitless storage options for parts of all sizes and materials. Individual carousels are readily paired with additional units for fast, easy expansion.

Greater Picking Speed

The short travel paths created by the compact storage plan in Rotomat® equipment greatly increases order picking speed for maximum efficiency.


The ergonomic design minimizes the physical strain for employees at work. No ladders, bending and walking long distances for part retrieval.

Safety and Security

Carousels are equipped with safety light curtains to protect operators as they pick and put. Lockable sliding doors at access points prevent stored items from dust and dirt as well as unauthorized access.

Microprocessor Controls

In addition to Rotomat® operation, Hanel controllers conserve energy by ensuring even load distribution through the equipment’s rotational movements.

High-speed Systems

Hanel has developed high-speed capabilities for specialized applications. These units realize a 70% increase in carrier rotation speed. Use of barcode scanners can also speed order picking performance.

Custom solutions

Accessories ranging from custom-fit plastic boxes, tool inserts and molded trays for small parts protect storage goods. Other special-purpose holders are available for SMD reels, cable drums, printing rollers, rods and tubes.

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