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Medical care at hospitals involves teams of doctors, nurses and support staff to serve patients. From initial sign-in patients rely on accurate record keeping, innovative medical devices, sterile instrument kits, accurate dispensing of medications and a host of other products. With space at a premium, many hospitals are installing Lean-Lift® and Rotomat® automated systems to realize maximum storage capacity with a minimum footprint.

Item storage, location and retrieval accuracy is greatly enhanced while the automated systems ensure that all items are fast and easy to retrieve at an ergonomic height for busy hospital workers.

Equipment options include HänelSoft® storage management software which features barcode scanning of employee IDs for access control, thereby contributing to the transparency and security of all storage transactions as well as aiding in inventory tracking. 


  • Accuracy 
  • Protection for sterile kits 
  • Real-time inventory control 
  • Retrieve surgical instruments per procedure 

Lean-Lift® and Rotomat® Carousels at Hospitals Store

  • Central sterile supply  
  • Pharmacy 
  • Laundry 
  • Surgical kits/instruments 
  • Sterile/temperature controlled storage 
  • Patient records 
  • Lab and pathology specimens 
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