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Supporting the mechanical capabilities of Lean-Lift® and Rotomat® storage systems are Hänel’s high-performance lift controllers and storage management software. The compact controllers are convenient and easy to handle for workers to manage a diverse ranges of functions including article numbers, storage locations, stock quantities and inventories among others.

Customers have been able to integrate Hänel controllers in their enterprise networks via Ethernet since 2004; in 2006 Hänel launched its touchscreen technology. Today, Hänel storage systems can be clustered and integrated in almost any IT environment thanks to intelligent Hänel control systems and an open architecture. Hänel also offers innovative solutions based on optical augmented reality devices as well as voice control (Pick-by-Voice) to ensure extremely efficient picking processes.

Product Benefits

Product Details

Inventory Management

Hänel’s inventory management software enables efficient, rationalized workflow manage storage locations, articles, tools, stocks, pick and put jobs and orders.

Full Integration

Hänel storage units can be integrated into the customer’s IT systems as well as existing enterprise resource planning systems

Coordinated Operations

Optimization analysis and other control programs eliminate unused space and can store frequently requested containers closer to access points for faster retrieval.

Versatile Performance

Hänel offers special software solutions for every application.


Control terminals can be integrated into and positioned according to customer needs.

Barcode Scanners

To facilitate the picking process throughout a plant or warehouse, workers can use wrist-mounted bar code scanners.

Badge Readers

Hänel controllers interface with peripheral devices to support capabilities such as badge reading.

Mobile Scanners

Mobile devices can be integrated for maximum operating flexibility: Hand-held terminals optimize storage processes in the warehouse. Tablet concepts in the storage area can also be applied to order picking trolleys and forklifts that can be routed directly to the Hänel storage systems.

Ergonomic MP12N Controller

Hänel’s compact controller offers comprehensive, integrated storage management for article numbers, storage locations, stock quantities, minimum inventory and other supplementary data fields. It can be used as a standalone solution or be integrated with virtually any customer ERP system.

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