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Hänel Rotomat® Industrial Vertical Carousels

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hanelRotomat® Industrial Vertical Carousels quickly deliver stored parts to operators at the optimum ergonomic height...without time-consuming walking, searching, ladder-climbing or bending. The compact units utilize available room height and create as much as 60% added storage capacity compared to mini-load and rack storage.

The units are ideal for improving tool, component and product storage/retrieval for device manufacturing and assembly, warehousing and distribution.


Key Features of Rotomat® Industrial Vertical Carousels:


  • Multifunctional carrier options include varied front edges and walls along with accessories such as shelves, drawers, dividers and bins.
  • LED displays in the work counter guide operators for fast, error-free storage and retrieval
  • Safety light curtain ensures operator safety
  • Vertical Carousels can link multiple floors and access points.
  • Load bearing capacity up to: 1,653 lbs./carrier or 30,865 lbs./Rotomat®
  • Model options include: -- Anti-static coatings to electronic components in ESD-protected environments -- Environmentally controlled units protect stored items from humidity, corrosion, contaminants and temperature fluctuations.
  • Microprocessor controls integrated into each Rotomat® backed by advanced storage management software.


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