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Lightweight, economical vertical dividers to improve carousel tray organization and reduce picking errors are also now available.

dividerFlexcon's corrugated and plastic dividers are fully adjustable on any centers you need! They are made in heights from 1- ½ in. to 20 in. and can be configured for any tray. Flexcon's divider systems cost less than half the cost of metal and they increase the trays capacity because of their weight savings. The dividers provide:

  • 6 in., 4 in., 2 in., and ¼ in. adjustability option
  • A perfect fit for any tray or container
  • An excellent way to organize and reduce picking error

CRC Metal product dividers are designed to be used in AS/RS Machine trays to maximize storage capacity. The layout of your trays can have endless possibilities; which makes our products extremely versatile. All of our standard parts are manufactured with the highest grade galvanized steel that is made in the USA.

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